The Micropublishing Network

Our network of micro websites

We develop tiny micro websites which are designed to be easy to use, interactive without registration and fun. We make them quickly and publish quickly.


Neural Network powered user interaction control

One of the key principles behind the TabDesk network is the encouragement of site interaction without registration. Our Neural Network powered CommentSmart software is designed to allow these registration free interactions but control spam and unwanted actions.


Crowd Publishing management system

A powerful system which allows crowd publishing within online magazines. Combines with CommentSmart to create a full audience based control control mechanism.

Selected Network Websites

Have a go !

My Mental Age

The original age test website and still the best. 20 questions, instant results. Over 5m plays and 2m+ Facebook likes

Am I Happy ?

Using advanced word association, this weird test rates your happiness.

The Music Quiz

Our quiz network keeps growing and the latest addition is this brilliant - and very difficult - music quiz.

World Flags Quiz

It doesn't get any harder than this. Almost every world flag - multiple choice answers. Seriously difficult.